How you can help

My teachers are striking! What do I do?

  • Make a plan with your parent or guardian, then go someplace safe. If you can, stay out of school. Your teachers will welcome you to join their picket lines in peaceful protest. Otherwise, consider these options:
      • An Oakland Public Library
      • The Oakland Museum of California will offer free admission to Oakland students on strike days (Wednesday - Friday, 11a - 5p; call to make sure high school students can enter free without an adult!)
      • Grand Lake Theater for $1 movies on Thursday, 2/21!
      • Your home, or a friend's or relative's house
      • If you have no safe alternative, Oakland's schools are still open even though there will not be regular classes during a strike
  • Take care of yourself. If you are not going to school, there will be free lunches available at many schools' picket lines and at some rec centers.
  • Continue to learn! Check out and read books. Watch TED talks. Draw the world around you. Follow the teacher strike in the news and on social media.

We love you and want our schools to get better. Thank you for supporting us in our fight for Oakland students and teachers.

The Wildcat Underground

Speak up!

Are you an OUSD parent, student, or community member?

Check out this excellent guide from Parents United for Public Schools.

Keep the pressure on your elected representatives; our city leadership and school board can end the strike if they work to settle a contract now.

Join us!

There's power in numbers. If you can show up in person for any of our actions, we'd love to have you there.